There shall be the following classes of membership in the Society:

  • Annual MembersAnnual members of the Society shall be individuals who have a clear interest in the development of Hyperbaric medicine in India. Minimum requirement for annual members is a recognized degree in allopathic branch of medicine. Applicants must be sponsored by an existing regular member. Membership valid for one year.

  • Regular Members : Any eligible individual for annual member may elect to become a Regular Member upon payment of the regular membership dues as set by the Executive Committee. The founder members will continue to be Regular members of the Society and form part of the executive committee at all times. The membership is valid for 3 years and can be renewed on request and payment of the dues.

  • Life MembersAny regular member who continues to be a Regular member twice (in continuation) shall be eligible for Life member without any additional life member fee.  However, an application for life membership will be required.​

  • Associate MembersDoctors in non-allopathic forms of medicine, hyperbaric technicians, diving supervisors or other hyperbaric/diving personnel with specialized technical or research backgrounds, Mountaineers, divers, paramedics, patients treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen, tour operators or any one with interest in hyperbarics & Pressure and the human body but do not possess the academic background for Regular membership, can become Associate members of the Society. may take up this form of membership. They do not have voting rights. Associate membership is valid for 3 years and can be renewed.

  • Student MembersStudents registered at a University or educational institution in a medical, life sciences or human factors discipline may become Student Members of the Society. In addition to being sponsored by a Regular Member in good standing, students must provide a recommendation from a faculty member. Student membership in the Society shall be conferred upon payment of one year’s annual dues to the Society.

  • Institutional members : Institutions actively involved with the practice or research of Barometric Pressure will be eligible for membership in this category. The institutional member will be entitled to nominate one member for the Annual scientific meeting and will have voting rights. Institutional membership requires renewal every three-year period.

  • Corporate MembersThe Executive committee shall have the power to admit as Corporate Members those companies, associations, foundations, or partnerships contributing an amount prescribed by the Executive committee, which also the power to change the amount specified for minimum contribution. These members shall be non-voting members unless they fulfill the requirements for regular membership. By virtue of their contributions they would be allowed to promote their company on suitable platforms of the Society. Corporate membership requires renewal every three-year period.
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