The last five years have seen an unprecedented growth of hyperbaric treatment centers in India and Asia making it important to reinvent the society to enable a versatile yet flexible structure with opportunity to change quickly. We have studied historical growth, challenges and existing practices by professional societies across the world and evolved the following approach.

Regional Meetings: To enable the maximum participation it is planned to hold a series of low cost, small focused “regional CME meetings” and an Annual meeting of the Hyperbaric Society of India.

Annual Meetings: The annual conference in December will have guest speakers from the United States. Patient safety is of utmost importance and to focus on this critical aspect a three days “Hyperbaric Safety Directors Workshop “ is being planned.

Regional Meetings

  • 5/6 -hour program from 11 Am to 4 PM on a Saturday enabling people to attend without having to check into a hotel for the night.
  • This will have two talks by the Society on “ Evidence Based Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy “ and “ Hyperbaric Oxygen to the rescue in Diabetic Feet”.
  • All participants who run and operate hyperbaric centers will be encouraged to come on stage to share their experience through a presentation “How we practice hyperbaric medicine at the xxx Hospital in yyy city.
  • Open to everyone, however objective is to get all the local centers giving hyperbaric oxygen to sit together and exchange experiences.

Meetings Schedule​

Regional Meetings
23rd April’16 (Saturday)

Northern India ( Delhi )
Contact Person: Dr Tarun Sahni M: 9810038010.

31st July’16 (Sunday)

Western India  ( Mumbai )
Contact Person : Dr Manoj Gupta M: 9322237369.

September’16 (To be decided)

Southern India ( Chennai )

15th October’16

Regional Meeting 

(Under the aegis of Wound Care Con)

Contact Person : Dr Niti Kukreja M:9971211043


December’16 (To be decided)
Asian Hyperbaric Medicine Update & Annual Scientific Meeting

Further details will follow.
Suggestions, comments and recommendations are welcome.

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